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 Adelaide's experienced piano tuners


A family tradition of excellence

Furness Pianos Pty Ltd is the oldest piano repair and tuning firm still operating in Adelaide. Founded in 1966 by Anthony Furness, we have a wealth of experience in everything from routine piano tuning to extensive restoration projects.

Anthony Furness is still the proud proprietor of the company and comes from a family of piano tuners. His great grandfather, Herbert Stott Furness, started his business at Port Adelaide in 1892 then moved to Malvern and started building pianos in a backyard factory. This led to him establishing one of the very first factories in Edwardstown.

Anthony has been repairing and tuning pianos since he left school at the age of 16. He has decades of experience tuning, repairing and restoring all kinds of pianos and has qualified as an Australasian Registered Piano Tuner (ARPT).


A commitment to modern workmanship

Furness Pianos Pty Ltd is absolutely committed to providing a thoroughly modern and up-to-date piano tuning and repairs service. To that end, Anthony Furness ARPT has been attending seminars to upgrade and update his skills and knowledge for 25 years.

With the increased availability of computerised tuning equipment as well as overall improvements in piano technology, the field has changed a lot in the past 20 years. New developments allow for voicing to become very scientific, with pianos now able to produce softer pianissimos, louder fortes and sweeter tones than ever before.

Anthony Furness has been absolutely tireless in pursuing knowledge and experience of the very latest, state-of-the-art piano technology. By attending seminars throughout Australia and overseas, he has continued his education to provide the absolute best piano tuning and repairs service.

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